Singer-songwriter Caitlin Glennon brings indie rock authenticity to stages with pop-punk, rock & roll, lyrics-driven ballads, plus a few all-out jams for good measure.

Her new indie-pop single, “Down on Your Luck” was written in 2019 and finished in quarantine. It hits on the collective pain we’re all experiencing now and propels you to get through it.

What starts as an electric piano ballad turns into an emotional pop song with a chasing feel, paired with tribal-sounding drums. It’s a slight departure from her 2019 rock EP Lifestyle Creep (recorded with her live band), and a return to her solo output she’s been recording since 2006.

Caitlin also has 2 full-length albums under her belt – Hard Learned Truths (2012), and Separate Grooves (2016).

Influenced by the likes of The Bevis Frond, Buzzcocks, PJ Harvey, Dusty Springfield, and Hüsker Dü, she feels at home putting out a good ballad as she does a banger rock song.

“She’s actually a careful, methodical artist with a folksinger lilt, and a cache of scrappy rock riffs that bring out — or jar with — the sweet tincture of her voice. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition.” – East Bay Express

Caitlin is an independent artist. Contact her re: live shows with the Caitlin Glennon Band or album/recording inquiries.