Lifestyle Creep

Release Date: 2019-06-14
Available now on:

All songs written and performed by Caitlin Glennon – guitars, keys, vocals
Lead guitar– Alex Kenivel
Bass & backing vox on 4 – Svend Nielsen
Drums – Josh Davidson
Production by Svend Nielsen and Caitlin Glennon

Recorded and mixed by Svend Nielsen at Mathphobia
Lead guitar and drums on 2-4 recorded by Alex Kenivel at Bay Cal Audio
Mastered by Piper Payne at Neato Mastering
Album art by Svend Nielsen

You can sit and watch things happen, or you can do something about it.

℗ & © 2019 Caitlin Glennon. All rights reserved.

Album Lyrics

I saw you staying in an A-frame
Yeah I could see you through the glass pane
Under Tahoe trees, oh please
Don’t say it wasn’t you there

I caught you sneaking to the opera
You thought I wasn’t in your Uber
Danielle Steel was there, oh please
Spare me your excuses


Take another bite
It’s all right when you earned it
Racing to the top
It’s only fair cause you learned it

You ordered off the secret menu
And said the code word to the back room
All your fantasies came true
You’re really on your way up



I saw you golfing down in Palm Springs
You didn’t see me pull the right strings
It’s a swing and never miss
Oh, let’s get some piece of this

I saw you sitting up in first class
There was a seat and you let me trespass
It feels good to stretch my legs
Oh, let’s just give in to this
Give in to this (rep. 2X)